How to Set up Your Advertising


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Program Details:


Make a new Gmail account
(one that you don't mind getting ads in). 

Then get an account with our advertising site AE Mailer: here

Verify your email.
If you have problems finding the email, try these tips:
1. Make sure you added the correct email without errors.
If not sign up again with correct email.
2. Check your spam folder (not junk folder). 
3. Wait 15 mins. 

Now log in to AE Mailer.

Notice the first ad. You have the opportunity to
take advantage of each of the next three adsYou will not find these 
prices anywhere else inside AE Mailer
. However, if you want 
to skip each ad, then scroll to the very bottom of the page and
you will see a sentence that is a link. Just click it to go to the 
next page. 

After the ads notice the info on the first page and second page: 

Then click the "Continue to Members Area" button at the top.
Then go to home page. Notice "Send Email" for later.
But for now go to "Setup Ads"


Ad Promo Code: newmember 
to promo code box:


When your done and the code is applied then click
on the black background and you will go back to the home page


Now you may go back and add the code:
 AEPC4000 for an additional 4000 credits.

When you're ready go to "Send Email" to submit your first ad.
Then ad your subject in the Message Subject.
Your main ad body in the Message Body, Enter your URL in Site URL.,and how many credits you can in the Credits box. 
If you need to use our Email Swipes for the Subject line & Body
then click here

To get the 

Then simply copy and paste it into your text at the bottom.


Congratulations now that you've done your first ad!

Now if you want to learn Safelist advertising,
we are going to give you a resource to help you learn the basics effectively.

Our suggestion would be to read the ebook by Jerry Iannucci
(owner of "Mister Safelist) called "
Safelist Marketing Tactics".
Believe me, this ebook will share secrets of Safelist marketing
that most people don't know. It's a quality resource and will
help you to understand Safelist Marketing 100% better.
I read it already many years into marketing and realized its really
great for new people but I learned a bunch from it too.
It can also become an extra income source for you too.
free to read. Enjoy!

Click here



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